215. Have some kind of pain somewhere in your body

“Christ, my back hurst!”


“No, it hurts! I am in pain!”

“What do you want me to do about it?”

“God, is that you?”

It's burning!!


“Well what’s the meaning with life then?”

“It’s sure not to have back pain, at least!”

“Wow, could you release the pain from my back?”

“I could, but it’s better if you change your life so that you don’t get the pain in the future, have you heard about stretching.”

“Are you sure that you’re god and just not the personal trainer that look like a bearded yoga master down at the gym?”

“Who knows? Now stretch it out my friend and do some crunches.”

I wonder why?

Pain usually comes and goes. Sometimes it just strikes, if you strain or break something which could be awful. The good things however is that you can work with your body and can get rid of most of these things. Like doing a proper workout once a day and maybe have some good stretching.

“Well that’s easy to say but who have time for that!?”

True, but if you take like 15 min to stretch it sure helps a lot but then again… to have some pain somewhere in your body is “normal”.

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