209. Play some sort of team sport as a kid and then dislike it when you grow up but then remember the good times

“Rugby rules forever!”

“You do know that you’re only saying this because you’re eight, right?”

“How would you know that?”

“Because I’ve been eight…”


“And I played rugby…”



“This is a strange conversation.”

Play it!

The thing about team sports is that they have their charm but, however, they just don’t maintain it, for the most of us. I mean, you could argue that it is fun with a team sport as a kid… heck, you could even argue that as an adult… however it does not make it true.

Any sport would do!

But then again team sports can teach you valuable lessons for life that make us stronger and more compassionate or… just turn you into a jock jerk. So grow up to hate the team playing sport of your youth, and you’re normal.

Images from here and here.