210. Take a good look at other people and why not have a smile while you’re doing it

“Hmm…, why is he looking and smiling at me? Is he a criminal?”

“I think he might be, because he’s holding a bag.”

“But can’t that be his own bag?”

“Could be, but it could also be another persons. Or just filled with explosives.”

“True, I guess.”

This is the look, but withouth the smile :) (Fry's look has been used before, but it is truly great:) )

People might think badly of you when you look at them with a smile, but you often feel better yourself if you look at someone with a smile.

"Like this!?", "Not really, but it is a cool look, add a smile."

Often you tend to just look at other persons with a blank face that probably make you look more like a killer than anything else. The thing about smiling is that it make others smile to and when they smile they look at you and you start to smile. It’s a cascade. 

Images from here and here.