219. Use styling gel in some form unless you have that cool surfer hair or that other awesome look that don’t require any fix… anyways…

“AAAAA!!! What’s wrong with your hair!?”

“Whatever do you mean? It looks all right I think, is it something wrong?”

“It looks awful! You haven’t done anything with it, right?”

“No, I just woke up and went to work.”

“Go f*ck yourself!”


“You heard me! Take yourself and your weird haircut and get the f*ck!”

“That’s rude good sir.”

“Yes, yes it is. Okay, I do apologize… tell you what.”


“Take this gel and slab it on your top scull!”

“Top scull?”

“Your hair!”

Like this? Sure, why not!

Yep, this could happen. Nope, not really. But how hard can it be. When you wake up and look yourself in the mirror and you realize that you look like sh*t, do something about it if you can please… pretty please… unless you’re sick, injured, damaged, in a coma, deranged… etc.

This is awesome!

Most of us looks like trolls in the morning (dungeon? No morning Dumbledore, morning) but with just 45 seconds we can make us look a bit more appealing at least. So use some styling gel and you’re off then I will consider you to be “normal”.

Images from here and here.