222. Be yourself at a job interview

“So tell me about yourself?”

“Well I’m an astronaut and I just game back from a golf weekend with the president.”

“Really, so how come you’re applying for this cashier job?”

“Ah…, you should know that I lie a lot.”


“No, I’m just lying. Ah! Now you don’t know if I’m telling the truth or not.”

So true.

Most of the times it’s better to be yourself at a job interview because if you’re right for the job it will show, if you’re someone else well… you have to play that character for a long time on the job later on… and that might have some consequences.

“Let Steve do it, he’s lived in France for 7 years.”

“Yeah, about that. I don’t really speak French.”

“What? But you said you went there to meet your family just this summer?”

“Yeah… I lied, I was going to see the space king of Mars and go bowling on the rings of Saturn.”

Also very true.

So when you go to that interview try at least to kind of yourself, I would say that’s “normal”.

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