224. Wash your face

“So… how come you have a huge amount of dirt in your face?”

“Why, that’s rude!”

“Yep, but not really.”

“Why did you say such a thing?”

“Because I’m a jerk, but I do try to wash my face once a day, how about you?”

“Wash? I don’t understand the concept of washing.”


"Like this?", "Sure, why not."

It’s common sense to wash your face once a day. It doesn’t take that long and it make you feel refreshed or something like that. Just take some water and mix it up with some soap, splash that on your face, rinse it off, dry yourself with a towel or puppy (if towel not available and a cute fluffy puppy is) and you’re done!

Just do what he says and all will be well.

Sweet right!? Yes, yes it is, well then you’re “normal”. 

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