230. Use safety belt in car, but argue about it when driving slow because you think you don’t need it then go and try one of those crash-test chairs and realize that 7 km/h is crazy painful even with a belt and start using belt at low speeds as-well

“*Bleep*, *Plonk*, *Plink*”

“That’s the seatbelt sound.”

“Ok? So why don’t you put it on then ?”
“Nah, I’m just driving slow here.”


“But it can’t hurt with the belt right?”

“Guess not but it’s a hazzle.”

“Really? It takes like 10 seconds to put it on.”

“Yeah I know, but that is still like 10 seconds.”

“True, but it could save your life.”

“I know but it doesn’t feel good to have the belt all around you and your stuff.”


E.T. sais it.

Have you ever tried one of those crash test chairs that slides down in slow speed towards a metal stop so you can feel the impact of a low speed crash? I have and it doesn’t feel good at all, and that’s when you have the belt on. That’s equivalent to hitting something when you’re parking your car and by accident hit something.

Just put on the belt when you’re in the car, simple as, and you’re “normal”. 

Images from here and here.