233. Eat yoghurt for breakfast, yummy!

“Why are you eating orange slime?

“This? No this is a mango yoghurt.”





"Mmm...", "Do I have to look like this when I eat the yoghurt?", "Preferably"

“But can you be sure though?”

“Sure I can.”

“By the way what is yoghurt?”

“Like orange slime but made from dairy and not ectoplasm.”

“Wow, you’re right, it was awesome!”

"Damn straight!"

Yoghurt is somewhat of a standard breakfast in Sweden, even more could the sour milk be (yeah it sounds weird but it’s actually quite nice). You sprinkle on some granola and stuff, tada! You’ve got yourself a nice meal. So pour up some yoghurt and you’re “normal”.

Images from here and here.