234. Eat smoothie for breakfast

“But wait a minute here! Didn’t you just tell me to eat yoghurt? I’m confused.”

“Yes I did, but you could to both, if you like.”

“What, what, what!?” (said in the same voice level like Kyle’s Mom in SouthPark).

"Ahh... nice!"

“Just pour the yoghurt in a bowl, or something similar, add-in some frozen berries. Blend it all and sprinkle some granola on top and you’ve got your smoothie yoghurt right there!”

“Wow, and all in 10 seconds, right!?”

“… Make it 3 min, including the cleaning of the equipment.”

“Sounds like you’re talking about something else, if you get my drift?”

“Perv. Just make the smoothie instead.”


Here you go!

Smoothies is really a favorite in the morning, because you can blend all sorts of stuff together. Mix milk, juice, berries, oatmeal etc.

“Even cement?”

“…, sure…., no, wait. Let’s skip that because you’ll probably die or at least get really sick if you eat it.”

So instead mix it and just get it the way you want it.

It goes really fast to eat it as well, you just drink it down and you’ve got your breakfast in a matter of seconds. Be careful about your stomach though, it could be stressed out by a really fast drink so take it slow once in a while.

Make that smoothie in the morning and you’re “normal”.  

Images from here and here.