235. Accept invitations to meeting in Outlook. Don’t just show up and say “Yeah, I didn’t accept it but here I am”.

“How come you’re here Steve?”

“Well you’ve invited me, didn’t you?”

“I sure did, but since you didn’t accept the invite there’s no room for you. I moved the meeting to the small room so that…"

Click the green thing!!!

“Hi! Have you started yet?”

“Brenda? Are you also coming?”

“Yeah, me and Kendra.”

“Why didn’t you accept the invite?” (“And why do you have so weird generic names?”)

“We thought it didn’t matter.”

“Well…. I think that is because your idiots.”

“That’s rude.”

“Not really. You’re idiots because you now have to stand up for 2 hours trying to scribble down the important parts on your hands.”

“We do have paper, you know.”

“Good for you… doucébags

“Thanks… d*ck.

Yes, it's accepted.

Just accept the invite if you’re going to the meeting. How can it be so hard? Just press the button and send the invite and you’re done. It’s just really crappy not to accept it and just show up acting all surprised. Use the tools please and you’re “normal”. 

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