236. Good luck at exams, wishing have a nice weekend on Thursdays – priceless

“Good luck? Good luck! WTF! Why did you wright good luck in the end of the exam?”

“Because, I just wanted to wish you good luck.”

“Then why are you smiling like a crazy person.”

“Hahaha! Good luck! You have to take the exam I made you idiot, and it’s crazy difficult!”

“… Errmm, yes, that’s the idea right?”

Well, thanks!

Why not just end the exam with a …, that’s right… nothing. Just end it like that and all will be well. The thing with a good luck wish is that it often is just slapping you in the face and not giving you any upside.

Why did you write it there.

The other thing that truly is a slap in your face is wishing your colleagues a nice weekend on Thursday… even though you know that they will work on Friday. It will just really hit the spot.

Please stop doing this and you’re “normal”… or maybe continue doing it… anyways it will be frowned upon. 

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