232. Never enter a reality show, despise them… but watch them anyway and be kind-of secretly wishing your where in it from time to time.


“Hey, honey, look at this! It’s a new reality show, I think it’s about birds!”

“Oh yeah, I’ve heard about that. It’s people who dress up like birds and tries to survive in the Arctic’s.”

“That sounds crazy and really dangerous!”

“Yes it is!”

"Nope, this is history."

Reality shows can really destroy your CV or, in rare cases, boost it to a future career within media. However for most persons a reality show is probably not your best career choice but to some extent people wish they where in one from time to time. Others think they are in a reality show because it just feels like it.

"Many, many, many shows."

Try to stay away but wish it was you and you’re “normal”.

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