This blog is about the art of being “normal”.

It takes up “all” the small and large things that together is equal to something that might be jammed in to the expression “normal”.

I write this blog when I commute to work during the mornings and evenings so sometimes the posts may be a bit more train related then “normal”. I work as an engineer in the energy sector but will not have any work related posts in this blog (besides this, perhaps).

I started this blog in 2011 and tend to continue with it until I feel that I’ve clarified how to be “normal” and I hope that you will join me on the ride. The blog is supposed to be kind of funny but often not HAHA THAT’S THE MOST AWESOME BLOG I’VE EVER READ… just the right amount of funny…  one could say that this blog is like… well… “normal”.

Thanks for dropping by! <@:) (clown hat, curly hair, smiley face... like Cartman would have said it)

/Johan Edfeldt... or Mr. "Normal" if you will. 


P.S. I also have another site where I do other things such as music and text: