1) Why do you write this blog?
Because I think it’s fun and hopefully you will do so as well.

2) When do you write this blog?
When I commute to and from work.

3) When do you update this blog?
Three times a week, usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday and yes… it’s scheduled updates that I make in the weekends.

4) What’s up with that?

5) What’s your favorite animal?
Hmm… the funniest name of an animal is probably Zonkey or Zedonk, a mixture of zebra and donkey (Zebroid), but the favorite animal is probably a tiger, they are cool and dangerous at the same time.

6) How will your work affect your blogging?
Not at all, or at least I will try to. This blog is not about me or my work but it’s about the art of being “normal” and I write it on my spare time.

7) How long will you write this blog?
Until it’s done.

8) I think your blog is super!
Thanks, glad you like it.

9) I think your blog is quite the opposite to super.
Sorry to hear that, but then again you can’t appeal to everyone. Thanks though, for stopping by.

10) Will I be perceived as a normal person if I follow your posts?
No. But you will be perceived as “normal” and perhaps that’s what’s it's all about.

11) What do you mean by “normal” and normal?
It’s for me to know and you to find out. Now bugger off and read my blog! Woah! Sorry bout’ that. I don’t know what got into me. Carry on.